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November 18, 2010

flying monk

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the first idea was doing an angel flying over a burning whale under a tree with crazy mandala in the background , after few consultations and sketches this is what i came up with , me and justin agreed that this is better idea ,

this is all the outlines , will do black shadings then colors next .


November 9, 2010

double dorje

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Dorje is a Tibetan word meaning “noble stone.” It embodies the brilliance of diamond-like illumination and symbolizes the indestructible source of power from which all else is born. Like a diamond, the dorje is a reminder of that which is enduring, invincible, and irresistible. The double dorje has the additional power to protect all that is sacred and mundane. Wearing the protective double dorje helps strengthen our core while it empowers one pointed focus and inner strength. It reminds us to serve The Sacred, which lives at the center of our being.


November 3, 2010

cover up

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2nd sitting for out lines