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August 10, 2013

finish my first drawing in my 2nd course in tibetan art studying (part 4)

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lower view

finish my first drawing in my 2nd course in tibetan art studying (part 2)

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small buddha

my first Finish drawing in my 2nd course in Tibetan art studying (part 1)

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vpclose up

January 14, 2012

ido shemi

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ido shemi  a great artist and a  good friend of mine

his web site :  is amazing. the picture doesn`t make it justice , that mosaic piece is incredible in person

you have to see that live , there was and will be many show from museums and gallery that lucky people got to see .

ido live and work in tel aviv  israel

his art showed in china Germany and many more , i cant wait for a New York show .

check him out

December 12, 2011

studying , pencil drawing next brush

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July 23, 2011

study from 09

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brush and ink

March 31, 2011


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For the last two and a half weeks I was in ma clod genj a small village in dharamsala north India .

It is a tibetan village , I want there with my teacher pema rinzin and 7 other students , between all of us I think we took maybe 15000 photos , we hiked to many temples saw lots of art , and learned so much more about tibetan art .

We ate great tibetan food and met very interesting peoples .

Those are just few photos that I picked , more to come .

March 11, 2011


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my art teacher pema rinzin , me and 8 other students are going to a class trip to dharamsala india

from march 12th to the 30th

we are going to learn more on the tibetan art from visiting in temples and get to see some paintings             first hand , maybe we will get to see were the master were paintings and how they lived .

i`m very excited for that trip and can`t wait to share some photos with you here on my blog .

i won`t be updating any new photos until i`m back

thank you for the interest in my blog

January 23, 2011

compassion transform

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March 8, 2010

jimi hendrix tattoo

robert is a super nice guy i know from the niegborhood and also a great costumer

he brought me the albom cover – exis bold as love , and let me do the rest of his arm as well .

it was a fun project , we just started his other arm with butterflys and moth , i`ll post some up when we will done .

i know i posted this one before but those are better quality photos .

thank you

March 1, 2010

collegiate school

my teacher and friend pema rinzin is not only a great master painter he is a great teacher as well,

he is teaching art for many years all over the world ,and now New York is lucky to have him here .

Beside of having his own class ( ) he is often called to teach in other settings .

Universities, colleges ….

Last week pema asked to teach at collegiate school ,collegiate is Independent, private school for K-12 boys located on the upper west side of Manhattan.

And he asked me to come and assist him with the class , i was very honored . we did some snow lion drawing and some flower, wile pema explain about the process , the kids were very excited , i think its great that schools really put the effort to get that very unique art to there kids to see.

here are some pictures of the collegiate class

February 23, 2010


this is alex first tattoo ,alex apends lot of time in china

he asked for chinese dragon , i did use some tibetan influance in it too , they actualy similar looking the chinese and tibetan dragons .

it was 3 sessions about 8 hours tottal

February 5, 2010

buddha back piece tattoo in proggress

david `s first tattoo we will do colors in it as well.

our plan is after we done with his back , continue to his legs and so on …

Great costumer and a master wine cellar builder .

January 29, 2010

line drawings

September 9, 2009

jimi hendrix sleeve

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