Tattooing & Art by Yoni Zilber

March 15, 2010

tibetan style snow lion sleeve

this sleeve started about a year after i started studying Tibetan art , it’s on matt that is also a student in the class .

it’s a male snow lion a female snow lion and a baby snow lion , there is some wish fulfilling jams around them and lotus flowers

March 8, 2010

jimi hendrix tattoo

robert is a super nice guy i know from the niegborhood and also a great costumer

he brought me the albom cover – exis bold as love , and let me do the rest of his arm as well .

it was a fun project , we just started his other arm with butterflys and moth , i`ll post some up when we will done .

i know i posted this one before but those are better quality photos .

thank you

March 1, 2010

collegiate school

my teacher and friend pema rinzin is not only a great master painter he is a great teacher as well,

he is teaching art for many years all over the world ,and now New York is lucky to have him here .

Beside of having his own class ( ) he is often called to teach in other settings .

Universities, colleges ….

Last week pema asked to teach at collegiate school ,collegiate is Independent, private school for K-12 boys located on the upper west side of Manhattan.

And he asked me to come and assist him with the class , i was very honored . we did some snow lion drawing and some flower, wile pema explain about the process , the kids were very excited , i think its great that schools really put the effort to get that very unique art to there kids to see.

here are some pictures of the collegiate class