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April 2, 2016

tiger sleeve on mike , healed

  1. IMG_8726


December 24, 2015

thai designs on mike

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started this piece at the beginning of 2014 , we just finished that part as mike work schedule was tough to come in to often. we planing to add to it and get it down to user the knees , it was very challenging to get it symmetrical all around . mike already had his back done and part of it went down to his butt , the shape i did on his butt going around what he already had ( not shown in the picture ) . thank you IMG_7754IMG_7747IMG_7744IMG_7741

November 1, 2015

just got back from san Francisco and Arcata i worked at the diamond club and true nature tattoo , it was a great trip with great friends , i got to tattoo the legendary bill salmon who him and junii treated me like family ,i also got to tattoo my long time friend joe leven , who`s amazing artist and inspiration , and i got to do some cool tattoos , the tiger is on nick from true nature tattoo , the vargin Mary is on matt that sat for 3 days session , and the dragon i finish on hunter that we started in new York , all fresh tattoos in the photos , sorry for the glare and redness , al will lighten up a little , i am very fortunate to be doing what I’m doing , i love tattooing .

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IMG_7193 IMG_7182 IMG_7161 IMG_7155 IMG_7148 IMG_7119 IMG_7116 IMG_7095 IMG_7108

May 6, 2015

just finished back piece on john , all drawn on but the buddha

john is a very dedicated costumer , we started that in august 2014 , and we did it in 8 long sessions , he lives in Seattle , and he came frequently to my privet studio in new jersey , this photo was taken after 4 sessions in two weeks period , he is a trooper , thank you so much john ,i did his half sleeve and chest and one thigh as well , and  now for the rest of his body🙂 photo 2

March 6, 2015

i will be working at the salt lake city international tattoo convention


march 27-29 2015 i will be working in SLC and i would love to do smaller one shot tattoos at the convention , these are 3 i did in the last two weeks , thank you

IMG_3784 IMG_3905 IMG_3909

December 19, 2014

fresh snow lions half sleeve from few month ago

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fresh lion 3 fresh lion 2 fresh lion 1

December 7, 2014

snow lion healed from last year , added background recently , costumer came from Bhutan , thank you sonam

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IMG_9690 IMG_9692 IMG_9687

August 21, 2014

dragon i did few month ago , was 3 or 4 sessions ,in this photo the colors are fresh, rest is healed , thank you for looking .

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August 5, 2014


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octopus 1 octopus 2


July 17, 2014

couple tattoos i did in june in asheville NC

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March 15, 2014

just finished that humming bird sleeve

photo 4photo 1

January 2, 2014

sleeve i finished last year

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IMG_0710 IMG_0711

November 24, 2013

snow lion leg sleeve in progress

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August 10, 2013

finish my first drawing in my 2nd course in tibetan art studying (part 4)

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lower view

finish my first drawing in my 2nd course in tibetan art studying (part 3)

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size prespective

finish my first drawing in my 2nd course in tibetan art studying (part 2)

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small buddha

my first Finish drawing in my 2nd course in Tibetan art studying (part 1)

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vpclose up

July 11, 2013

Tibetan Dragon

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Just finish that sleeve about 2 month ago on bob from virginia , he came in every two weeks and sat like a champ , i think it took about 4 month to complete , very dedicated person , i appreciate that bob , he is a great photographer too ( he took those ones ) check him out:

every thing in that sleeve is drawn on the skin with a brush pen , i only stenciled the head , thank you for looking


June 6, 2013

tiger and two cubs back piece

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tiger and two cubs

May 24, 2013

dragon in progress

That dragon done all free hand drawing on the skin except the head that i put a  stencil .

Costumer came every two weeks from virginia , was very dedicated and very nice , i had a pleasure tattooing that on him .

it think it took about two month to start and finish maybe 3 month not sure .

i will post finish photos when ill have them , thank you for looking 






IMG_9991 IMG_9992

April 13, 2013

thai thigh not finish

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IMG_5616 IMG_5621 IMG_5612 IMG_5610

January 24, 2013

naga over mastectomy Scar ,tough lady

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January 17, 2013

out lines of tibetan style sleeve

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all except the main image was drawn on

will be all in black and gray



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