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April 28, 2011

snake and rope

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   michele had already  few tattoos on her arm, i did that snake & rope  going around and under her excisting tattoos

we will keep it out lines for now

April 18, 2011

beautiful short movie on new york adorned

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April 10, 2011

my meeting with a rinpoche

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Whilst I was in India, I had the honour to meet a very high Lama, he is a Rinpoche, 

My teacher Pema has known him from back when he lived in Germany, we got to visit his home at the Dali Lama`s temple in Dharamsala, Pema, Nick and I were there, the house is beautiful and the energy is just so good, it is right under the himalayas and the view is incredible. I could feel that there is a lot of meditation and Dharma happening in this house.

We were greeted by two monks, they made us tea and made us feel comfortable, the Rinpoche came in and sat with us, we had a great talk, he looked at my paintings and was very impressed, he has a lot of knowledge about art, it is not surprising that he and Pema are friends.

We also talked about tattoos, I asked him how he feels about me studying Tibetan art and translating it onto the skin. He told me that he likes tattoos and said how beautiful they can be, but he doesn’t think that the sacred image of Buddha and sacred mantras should be tattooed under the skin .

He said “that when you lay down in bed the sacred image is under you, were ever you lay, it will end up under your body or on the ground”.

any other sacred image is ok, but not a Buddha or a mantra” He does not want these sacred images to be disrespected.

I respect his opinion, and I understand what he is saying. I will explain this to any new clients that want to get sacred Tibetan images on their body, and every one that wants to get a Buddha on him should know that it is a very sacred image to a lot of people, they should think a lot about it before getting tattooed.

I think that getting a tattoo is the most personal thing a person can get, and if you decide to do it with integrity then it is fine with me.

Every tattoo I do I treat it with respect, and I’ll go case by case to decide if I will tattoo it or not, but always only on the upper part of the body. (above the waistline).

I would like to hear your comments on this matter , thank you.

Yoni Zilber.