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January 13, 2019

water mark private studio


in 2012 I moved with my family to live in Atlantic highlands NJ,where I used to commute to New York by ferry , about 5 yrs ago I opened a private tattoo studio in Atlantic highlands , and I used to split the time between there and New York adorned ,

in July 2018 new York adorned closed its doors after 22year . defiantly an end of an era .

I`ve been working there for 17 years ,and words can’t describe how greatfull I am for that time .


after adorned closed I spend most of my time here in Atlantic highlands , I still work in New York once a week on Mondays .

at ” five points tattoo ” . great shop with amazing artists .

last year  I also finished my 10 yrs studying at New York Tibetan art studio in Brooklyn , and Evan tough my formal studying is over , I still study and practice as much as I can , here at my private studio .

if you want to get tattooed by me , you can contact me at : . to get tattooed be me at my private studio , you can either drive down 1hr and 10 min from Manhattan , or take the ferry( 45 min`)  from south street sea port in Manhattan .

the studio is 2 blocks walk from ferry landing , the ferry ride is beautiful and you get to feel like a tourist , seeing the New York sky line and Verrazano bridge , Atlantic highlands is a beautiful small town , with great restaurants ( one of them is jus organic that me and my wife opened up 2 yrs ago), attached is few photos from my private studio :

thank you !

March 6, 2015

i will be working at the salt lake city international tattoo convention


march 27-29 2015 i will be working in SLC and i would love to do smaller one shot tattoos at the convention , these are 3 i did in the last two weeks , thank you

IMG_3784 IMG_3905 IMG_3909

August 21, 2014

dragon i did few month ago , was 3 or 4 sessions ,in this photo the colors are fresh, rest is healed , thank you for looking .

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January 2, 2014

sleeve i finished last year

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IMG_0710 IMG_0711

November 24, 2013

snow lion leg sleeve in progress

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July 11, 2013

Tibetan Dragon

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Just finish that sleeve about 2 month ago on bob from virginia , he came in every two weeks and sat like a champ , i think it took about 4 month to complete , very dedicated person , i appreciate that bob , he is a great photographer too ( he took those ones ) check him out:

every thing in that sleeve is drawn on the skin with a brush pen , i only stenciled the head , thank you for looking


June 6, 2013

tiger and two cubs back piece

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tiger and two cubs

January 10, 2013

buddha ( hope for better photo later)

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August 9, 2012

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October 7, 2011

Rubin museum of art

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May 31, 2011

Tibetan rug Design

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March 31, 2011


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For the last two and a half weeks I was in ma clod genj a small village in dharamsala north India .

It is a tibetan village , I want there with my teacher pema rinzin and 7 other students , between all of us I think we took maybe 15000 photos , we hiked to many temples saw lots of art , and learned so much more about tibetan art .

We ate great tibetan food and met very interesting peoples .

Those are just few photos that I picked , more to come .

March 11, 2011


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my art teacher pema rinzin , me and 8 other students are going to a class trip to dharamsala india

from march 12th to the 30th

we are going to learn more on the tibetan art from visiting in temples and get to see some paintings             first hand , maybe we will get to see were the master were paintings and how they lived .

i`m very excited for that trip and can`t wait to share some photos with you here on my blog .

i won`t be updating any new photos until i`m back

thank you for the interest in my blog

March 15, 2010

tibetan style snow lion sleeve

this sleeve started about a year after i started studying Tibetan art , it’s on matt that is also a student in the class .

it’s a male snow lion a female snow lion and a baby snow lion , there is some wish fulfilling jams around them and lotus flowers