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July 11, 2013

Tibetan Dragon

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Just finish that sleeve about 2 month ago on bob from virginia , he came in every two weeks and sat like a champ , i think it took about 4 month to complete , very dedicated person , i appreciate that bob , he is a great photographer too ( he took those ones ) check him out:

every thing in that sleeve is drawn on the skin with a brush pen , i only stenciled the head , thank you for looking


June 6, 2013

tiger and two cubs back piece

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tiger and two cubs

May 24, 2013

dragon in progress

That dragon done all free hand drawing on the skin except the head that i put a  stencil .

Costumer came every two weeks from virginia , was very dedicated and very nice , i had a pleasure tattooing that on him .

it think it took about two month to start and finish maybe 3 month not sure .

i will post finish photos when ill have them , thank you for looking 






IMG_9991 IMG_9992

April 13, 2013

thai thigh not finish

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IMG_5616 IMG_5621 IMG_5612 IMG_5610

January 24, 2013

naga over mastectomy Scar ,tough lady

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January 17, 2013

out lines of tibetan style sleeve

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all except the main image was drawn on

will be all in black and gray



January 10, 2013

buddha ( hope for better photo later)

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October 18, 2012

tiger and sword on carl

We did that tattoo in two weeks ,3 sessions , carl is from san Francisco , so the finish session hopefully will get to do there next year , thank you carl for being such a great costumer .

October 10, 2012

water half sleeve with colors


October 2, 2012

my Trip to Amsterdam

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my first trip ever out of my country  was Amsterdam ,i decided i want to be a tattoo artist when i was 17 years old,and after i got refused in the only shop i know i can learn best. i started my trip to look for apprenticeship , Amsterdam seems to me like the best place to start , i heard about hanky panky and i said to myself i`ll go there first , i bought one way ticket , told my family i will come back only as a tattooer , the first thing i did after landing , is going to hanky panky`s shop with a bunch of my drawings and try my luck , i got “kicked out “of the shop preety fast , i did try again and again but it didn`t work .

I was walking around tattoo shops for a little more then a month when I realize , its not easy :).

I went to England from their , but here the story get longer and longer , ill stay on the Amsterdam story .

anyway time pass and i was lucky to meet avi vanunu in Amsterdam and i got back to Israel and eventually got an apprenticeship from him.( thanks avi)

since then i`ve been in Amsterdam many times .

About 19 years pass (I started tattooing few years after so i`v been tattooing about 15 years now), and i`ve got invited to work at the world famous tattoo museum own by the one and only hanky panky , what a circle of life.

I was very honored to be working at the museum and I felt like it was kind of a crazy circle of life in a way , anyway here are some of the tattoos I did .

i tattooed 3 of my favorite people on Amsterdam monica , samantha , and amar

monica is a tattoo artist that when we met she was a famous dj and a tattoo collector and we`ve been friends for many years , samantha is a close friend as well and she does body piercings at classic ink and mods in Amsterdam ( great shop as well )

And amar is just an amazing person good friend and incredible tattooer .

and justine ( with the dragon )from Germany was a great costumer


please if you in Amsterdam go and check out that museum it an amazing place .


the redness on monice`s tattoo is from a numbing cream she used before we started

September 14, 2012

my Trip to Stockholm

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Stockholm ink bash is one of my favorite convention. i`ve been there from the first one 16 years ago and since then i went every year except i missed about 5 or 6 of them , it is great convention with great people , i have a lot of local friends there and i always happy to see them .

i started going there as an helper to avi vanunu from psycho tattoo in tel aviv ,that i was apprentice under and now as a tattoo artist .

i do hope that i will be visiting again next year and the year after .

while i was there this year i got to tattoo some fun designs and super good costumers , here are few of them . all free hand and done at the convention .  

the first one is a tibetan style lotus flower and the other two are wish fulfilling gems

August 21, 2012

medicine buddha

August 9, 2012

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July 25, 2012

durga with african symbols

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July 7, 2012

indonesian kris and dragon

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the 3 bird on the top right were there already .

i did the right arm as well

June 27, 2012

water half sleeve

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June 20, 2012

free hand dragon

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did that dragon last year all free hand , on a beautiful lady .

thank you marcia

June 2, 2012

green tara

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first tattoo at the Amsterdam tattoo convention

done in 6 hr` on a forearm

will add more at the stockholm tattoo convention in the last week of august

thanks tim




May 27, 2012

ditch fresh tiger carpet

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May 19, 2012


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fresh black and gray , hope to have an healed photo later


May 2, 2012


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April 19, 2012


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me and my family are about to fly back home tomorrow.

for the last month we`ve been in israel.

part work ,part family visit, part time off , it was great time

but i do miss new york .

sorry for not posting any tattoo photos , but when i`ll be back i hope to have some good ones from my work in israel .

thank you

February 9, 2012

Akhilandeshvari (hindu deity)

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thank you amy

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