Tattooing & Art by Yoni Zilber

April 28, 2010

scott robinson

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i made my first trip to thailand in 2002 , i was staying in koh pangan for one month , just chilling i met a lot of interesting  peoples

one of them was scott he is originally from Vancouver , but spend many of the last 10 years in koh pangan .

it didn’t take long and scott wanted a tattoo , but he asked to cover   his old tattoo with a tibetan style design ,

i had to tel him that he better try some body else that do that style because i do mostly black simple tattoos ( i was only tattooing 3 years at the time)

since then i`ve been in thailand many times and each of those times i went to the same place , and of-course scott was there too , we became to be good friends

and scott just didn`t get to go and cover his old tattoos , that until one sunny day we sat in my bungalow chilling and we decided to work on his other tattoo that was kind of covering all his upper half sleeve , so we just went and tattoo as we go no drawing or sketch just freestyle.

was nice came out better then what it was 🙂

now after we finish that cover up , i was ready for the other side , tibetan style nature , we decide just do it same as the other one no plans just go and tattoo it,

we finish the out line here in new york maybe finish next time in thailand , here some photos of those fun tattoos .

one of the photos is the view from my work station in my bongalow

better then before

cover up in proggress

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